Project work

Listen2Future aims to contribute to a healthier and more secure society by developing new and smallest microphone and ultrasound sensors for examinations in industry and medicine. It will look over the best technology development in each country to get the best of this project and see how cooperation at EU level can produce completely new solutions that benefit society, people and health.

Our main goal will be addressed through 8 work packages, each of them with specific objectives. All the working areas will involve the different L2F partners to bring the smallest micro-electro-mechanical sensors into high volume production at globally competitive costs and make them available for a wide range of applications for industry and medicine.

The research will yield higher image resolutions in ultrasound probes, robust mini-hearing aids with first class sound quality and low energy consumption. The focus will also be on wearable ultrasound patches for early detection of heart disease, for example, and ultrasound devices for rapid infection control in infants. In industry, continuous quality control of materials and intelligent monitoring of the energy infrastructure are to be implemented.


WP 1: Use case and building block definition, requirements and alignment

WP 2: Towards more performant acoustic MEMS transducers for emerging applications

WP 3: Next generation Electronics for the intelligent Acoustic Signal & Data Processing Chain

WP 4: Assembly and Packaging

WP 5: Algorithms & Embedded Software

WP 6: Demonstration in emerging applications

WP 7: Dissemination, Communication, Exploitation

WP 8: Project management