Project Partner

Sonitor Technologies AS

Sonitor Technologies AS is the leading provider and innovator of accurate and reliable ultrasound-based Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) and Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS).

Sonitor is the first and only company to develop and commercialize proprietary ultrasound technology as the primary technology for indoor positioning of people, equipment, and objects. Sonitor’s product platforms provide location intelligence using advanced algorithms and analytics to improve operational efficiencies, workflow visibility, and personal safety in healthcare and other industry sectors.

Role in the project

Sonitor will lead the work for the use case “Room scanning by PMUT array”. The target is to find a solution for locating a beacon in a room and set its acoustic volume automatically, to ease the process of installation.

Key contribution to the project

Sonitor will contribute with general knowledge in use of airborne ultrasound and insights for integration of such solutions in commercial products like ultrasound beacons and tags that can sense ultrasound.


Dr. Maaike M. Visser Taklo [linkedin]

Helene Wold [linkedin]


Sonitor Technologies AS
Drammensveien 288
0283 Oslo