Project Partner

Infineon Technologies Dresden

Infineon Dresden is one of the largest and most modern sites for manufacturing as well as technology and product development. Infineon Dresden manufactures over 400 different products in both the high-volume factory for power semiconductors in the 300mm line and the 200mm line, which is the world’s most highly automated factory.

At the core of Infineon Dresden’s contribution to Listen2Future is the Development Center at the Dresden site. It is the source of extensive know-how of highly qualified employees available at the site, who are involved in around 50 innovation and technology development projects. The DC focuses on developing new products and solutions for automotive and power electronics, as well as artificial intelligence (AI). The DC’s expertise is complemented by its access to most modern labs and equipment. This unique composition sets them up to drive forward the R&D work in Listen2Future and contribute to significant innovation within the project.

Role in the project

Within Listen2Future, Infineon Dresden will focus on the development of sensor-specific architectures for processors, which will be based on RISC-V, which is an open standard instruction set architecture.

Thereby, Infineon Dresden will address areas of research such as the analysis of a sensor-specific data processing, the selection of generator-framework (or a suitable RISC-V IP block), the development of hardware security for RISC-V as well as the demonstration of a sensor-specific processor for ultrasound on a field-programmable-gate-array (FPGA).

Key contribution to the project

Infineon Dresden’s key involvement is in Work Package 3, which aims to provide next-generation electronics for an intelligent acoustic signal and data processing chain.

In this Work Package, Infineon Dresden also leads two tasks and thereby is responsible for an ongoing alignment with the partners to ensure achievement of the best possible results. Within their work package and the overall consortium, Infineon Dresden will closely collaborate with the project partners to achieve significant results and drive forward innovation in both medical, industrial and energy-related application areas.


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