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für angewandte Forschung e.V.

Hahn-Schickard develops intelligent cross-industry products using microsystems technology, from the first idea through production to the final product. The research and development service provider has institutes at four locations in Baden-Württemberg including Stuttgart, Villingen-Schwenningen, Freiburg and Ulm.

In close cooperation with the business sector, Hahn-Schickard realizes innovative products and technologies in the fields of sensors, intelligent embedded systems for the internet of things, artificial intelligence, lab-on-a-chip and analytics, as well as packaging and interconnection technology and electrochemical energy systems. The range of services includes small, medium and large-scale production.

Role in the project

Hahn-Schickard works on the development of advanced assembly and packaging solutions for sonic and ultrasonic MEMS devices. By that, the system integration of the individual components is done.

Key contribution to the project

By Hahn-Schickard, advanced assembly and packaging solutions will be developed. This includes novel materials, packaging concepts and array technologies. These packages will be tailored according to the use


Dr. Achim Bittner [website]

Luise Jazdzewski

Dr. Stephan Knappmann


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