European impact

Listen2Future is strengthening the European position in acoustic sensors market and research by new piezoelectric materials and technologies with the capability to outperform the existing ones based on capacitive MEMS technologies. This will contribute to enhancing the European Union’s strategic autonomy in electronic components and systems to support the needs of different industries and economy at large.


We aim to develop new generation micro-electro-mechanical sensors (MEMS) with potential for high volume production in Europe at globally competitive costs. A number of applications can profit from novel thin-film material and sensor technologies combined with intelligent signal processing system, algorithms and customized packaging. We are especially addressing a growing demand for microphones and ultrasound transducers in medical and industrial devices.

Use case demonstrators of new generation and first-of-the-kind medical devices and aids for cheaper, accessible and more personalized high-quality healthcare are developed. This includes new diagnostics devices, devices for non-invasive treatment procedures and medical aids. With this the key health challenges of Society 5.0 at the level of the individual, i.e. directly impacting patients, patient outcomes and patient comfort are addressed. Further, this directly supports the path towards more personalized and home-centred healthcare causing a paradigm shift from localized care towards distributed care (i.e. home-care).

Advanced acoustic sensor applied in devices for continuous monitoring and material analysis are paving the way toward next level of predictive maintenance for industrial and energy systems. Significant advance in production quality control can be achieved by solutions that allows on-line testing of all products. New sensors will also open new possibilities in environmental perception applicable in automatized industrial manufacturing. Very relevant to the current gas crisis situation are novel gasflow sensors that enable optimised industrial and domestic gas use. The overall impact is higher uptimes in more reliable systems resulting in more competitive production in Europe.

Listen2Future is strengthening the expertise in acoustic sensors and bringing gained knowledge, experience, developments the wider EU market through the consortia members. Through additional educational and research activities new scientific experts will be qualified that will, on a longer term, accelerate the transfer the gained knowledge to European companies or start-ups.