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SINTEF is one of Europe’s largest independent research organisations. Every year we carry out several thousand projects for customers large and small. SINTEF is based in Norway and performs research in technological and social sciences with its about 2000 employees.

The Microsystem and Nanotechnology group (MiNa) will be the main contributor from the SINTEF. SINTEF MiNa has an existing clean room infrastructure for microfabrication and heterogeneous integration, and has experience with silicon-based sensors since the 1960's and with piezoMEMS since 2003. The facilities are used for both research, innovation projects, and small-scale production. Having experience with both commercial production and scientific research, SINTEF is especially well suited to bridge technological gaps of scientific merit, providing a knowledge base that enables industrialization. SINTEF MiNa is the leading Norwegian supplier to industry of state-of-the-art microsensor fabrication processes as well as of design competence.

Role in the project

SINTEF will develop piezoMEMS based high performance ultrasound transducers and integratable transducer arrays. For SINTEF the main interest will be the usage of ultrasound in air together with its partners. SINTEF leads also the work package on "Use case and building block definition, requirements and alignment" and contributes to the use case demonstrators.

Key contribution to the project

SINTEF will develop PMUT arrays for air applications. The focus of this development is preparation for industrial packaging by development of PMUTs with reflowable electrodes with high reliability. SINTEF will fabricate single elements and arrays of PMUTs for air using 150 mm SOI. These transducers will be used in different use cases in the project. SINTEF will characterize common electromechanical and acoustical transducer parameters in both TX and RX modes such as bandwidth and sensitivity. Automated wafer level HALT (highly accelerated lifetime test) will be performed. Acoustical properties of single PMUTs and PMUT arrays will be recorded using a dedicated setup.


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