The Listen2Future VISION is to strengthen and unleash the potential of digital MEMS transducer technologies in the European ECS industry to address the emerging needs of Society 5.0 in Health&Wellbeing and in Digital Industry & Energy.

The Listen2Future MISSION is to pave the way for MEMS piezoelectric acoustic transducers based on novel thin-film materials and technologies to high volume production by enhancing European industrial leadership throughout the value chain.

Following the vision and mission, Listen2Future focuses on the subsequent 3 main goals:

Objective 1:

Create a new generation of MEMS transducer with increased performance for acoustic applications. Generate a strong IP portfolio to foster European leadership and excellence in international competition.

Objective 2:

Provide dedicated hardware accelerators/processors and AI powered algorithms for real-time, integrated signal processing. Enable best-in-class, intelligent and low-power acoustic systems.

Objective 3:

Demonstrate innovation potential, usability, and versatility of the new acoustic system solutions in existing and emerging applications in Health & Wellbeing and Digital Industry & Energy key applications areas.