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Grupo SMD -
SMD inductor de analgesia S.L.

Policlínica SMD is a Multidisciplinary medical center with 23 care units dedicated to health and research of new therapies to improve the patient's well-being, including hyperbaric medicine, traumatology, pain treatment, Rehabilitation, I+D+i and Hair Surgery.

Grupo SMD is a group of companies dedicated to improving quality of life, focussed on: Traumatology, Hair implants, pain unit, ozone therapy, rehabilitation, neurosurgery, hyperbaric medicine.

Great Professionals
Avant-garde, modernity and the latest technology combined with a multidisciplinary team of the best professionals at our Granada clinic. Our health commitment involves caring for the person behind each medical problem, valuing the personal relationship and creating vital and welcoming spaces.

Innovative Medical Center
Our clinic in Granada, Spain (PTS) has over 1300 m2.

In addition to the activities as clinical center, it has developed medical engineering for the following tailored clinical ultrasonic devices, for a total of €762,000 in the last 5 years:

  • Development of an endourethral probe for diagnosis of prostate cancer using torsion ultrasound
  • Wearable device designed for the treatment of cancer by potentiation of chemotherapy through ultrasonic transmission
  • Mechanical engineering to support the prototyping of probe components as part of the torsion ultrasound endocavitary medical diagnostic device
  • Development of an axial biomechanical tissue testing device with measurement of large deformations by image correlation

Role in the project

First time this type of waves are used to stimulate hair follicle stem cells.

To develop a prototype of medical device and ultrasonic bioreactor to stimulate hair follicle stem cell cultures during their expansion to accelerate it.

Hair loss in women undergoing cancer therapy have an important impact both on their distress and the evolution of the disease First time this type of waves are used to stimulate hair follicle stem cells. (1) Ability to flexibly adapt to the body curvature, (2) the reduction of weight and portability, and (3) the fulfillment of sterilizability and biocompatibility requirements to be used as a clinical device.

Key contribution to the project

  • UC4: Ultrasonic stimulation of hair follicle stem cells for hair implant
  • Packaging technology together with MEMS transducer technology: (1) flexibly adapt to the body curvature, (2) weight and portability, and (3) sterilizability and biocompatibility as a clinical device.
  • Combination of mechanical waves and follicle stem cell therapy for hair implants.
  • Specifications and baseline (WP1, T1.2.1): Sintef, Pulsify and UGR
  • Transducers (WP2, Tasks: T2.1.1, T2.2.2, T2.3.2): SAL, UGR and partner defined in WP1-T1.2.1
  • Package (WP4, Tasks T4.1.3): HSG, UGR and partner defined in WP1-T1.2.1
  • SW (WP5, T5.4.1): BUT, UGR and partner defined in WP1-T1.2.1
  • Demonstration (WP6, T6.1.5): CSIC and UGR
  • Dissemination, Communication, Exploitation (WP7, T7.1.1, T7.1.2): SMD

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