Project Partner

inoson GmbH

inoson is a service and component supplier focused on ultrasonic sensor technology. We are providing concepts, R&D, prototypes and vendor parts for sophisticated ultrasonic sensors in automotive-, metrological-, industrial and medical applications.

Based on the experience, that a good ultrasonic sensor system needs an interlocking design of ultrasonic transducer, signal processing and hardware, inoson is established in a system-technological approach. All resources needed to create an innovative ultrasonic sensor as for example transducer design, electronic design, firmware- /embedded development, algorithm design, measurement technology and production are available to ensure the design of sophisticated ultrasonic products and applications. Furthermore, inoson helps to set up production and QA or will supply application specific components as ultrasonic transducers. Working since 2002 in this area, inoson can go back to an enormous pool of ultrasonic application knowledge as well as the related implementation to products.

Role in the project

inoson understands its role in this project in the evaluation of the potential of ultrasonic MEMS technology regarding the industrial applications. Here, in addition to the ultrasonic performance, also the environment conditions are to be considered and related packaging concepts are to be implemented.

Key contribution to the project

inoson is involved partly in the area of measurement technology of the piezoelectric devices and their implementation into industrial applications as well as inoson takes care of 2 innovative use cases. Here a new concept of proximity sensor based on MEM´s technology and a gas meter are developed up to the state of demonstrator.


Inoson GmbH
Sophie-Krämer-Straße 8
66386 St. Ingbert