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Ultrasounds in cancer treatment

Engineering and medicine have come together to improve the lives of cancer patients.

In this episode of Listen2Future, witness the incredible potential of ultrasound technology in two innovative missions being developed by the University of Granada and the SMD Polyclinic:

  • Non-invasive cancer treatment.
  • Hair stimulation after chemotherapy.

L2F video presentation

This is about YOU. Within the European research project Listen2Future, 27 partners from 7 countries will boost the potential of piezoelectric transducers to provide new solutions in health, wellbeing, digital industry and energy.

Listen2Future Podcast

Exciting News: Introducing the Listen2Future Podcast!

In the episode we’ll be looking at how the research-union of public institutions and private companies at a European level can create tangible impact on citizens’ lives. Our guest today is Andreja Rojko, Senior Funding Manager at Infineon Technologies Austria. She is the coordinator of the Listen2Future project.

Listen2Future Kick-off-Meeting

27 partners from 7 countries met on February 1, 2023 at the headquarters of Infineon Technologies Austria to launch the Listen2Future project, coordinated by Infineon.