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Listen2Future - Video presentation

Listen2Future project presents its corporate video!

Listen2Future is not just a project; it's a vision for a brighter and more connected world.

Our mission is to harness the power of technology to create a platform that empowers individuals and organizations to better understand, engage with, and shape the future.

🌟 The Vision: We believe in a future where insights drive innovation, collaboration leads to progress, and technology bridges gaps.
🚀 Our Progress: Get a glimpse of the milestones we are going to achieved and the exciting journey ahead.
🌍 Global Impact: Learn how Listen2Future is making a difference on a global scale.

Episode 1: Multimodal ultrasonic application in new strategies for cancer treatment

Experience the captivating premiere of our video series as we delve into the cutting-edge research unfolding at the prestigious University of Granada and the innovative SMD Polyclinic. In this inaugural episode, witness the incredible potential of ultrasound technology as it takes center stage in two groundbreaking missions.

Firstly, we embark on a transformative journey into the realm of cancer treatment. Discover a pioneering approach that promises to revolutionize the fight against cancer by targeting tumor cells with non-invasive precision, offering new hope for patients battling this formidable adversary.

Additionally, join us in a heartwarming exploration of beauty and recovery, as we reveal a remarkable endeavor to rekindle the confidence and self-esteem of women who have braved the challenges of chemotherapy. Our mission is to reawaken the lustrous allure of hair growth, bringing back the joy of natural beauty and self-expression.

This is a tale of innovation, and the boundless possibilities of science.

Use case 1: Towards the future of medical ultrasound probes

Innovating the Future of Healthcare with Listen2Future's Ultrasound Tech!

Eco-Friendly Excellence: Listen2Future is spearheading a new era of ultrasound technology by crafting a super-powered, eco-friendly solution. The prototype boasts a built-in sensor, a smart computer, and cutting-edge software, all designed to create powerful images while significantly reducing the use of lead Zirconate Titanate.

Accessible Advancements: One of the most exciting aspects of this initiative is the potential for increased accessibility. By making these state-of-the-art tools more cost-effective, Listen2Future is democratizing medical #ultrasound technology.

Double the Power, Double the Impact: The incorporation of dual-frequency devices in our ultrasound tech holds immense promise for enhanced performance in #biomedical applications. This means a double impact on diagnosis accuracy, ultimately translating into better treatment outcomes for patients.

Amazing Technology at its Core: What sets our ultrasound tech apart is not just its functionality but its core technology. Listen2Future's material is not only better for the environment but also more reliable, energy-efficient, and built to last.

Use case 4: Ultrasonic stimulation of hair follicle stem cells for hair implant

We are thrilled to share a groundbreaking project we're working on – the development of a cutting-edge medical device and ultrasonic bioreactor to stimulate hair follicle stem cell. 🚀 Our aim? To accelerate and enhance hair regrowth, particularly for women undergoing cancer therapy.

Hair loss during cancer treatment is not just a cosmetic concern; it profoundly impacts emotional well-being and the overall journey of those battling the disease. That's why we're on a mission to revolutionize existing treatments by harnessing the power of ultrasonic compressional and shear waves to remotely stimulate hair recovery through stem-cell mechanotransduction.

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