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Brno University of Technology

Brno University of Technology (Vysoké učení technické v Brně) is the largest technical university in the Czech Republic and is one of Europe’s elite technical and research universities. Brno University of Technology has very rich tradition as it was founded in 1899. The university consists of eight faculties and three university institutes covering broad range of technical science and it is one of major research institutions in the Czech Republic with more than 2000 PhD students and 1000 academics staff.

The project will be solved by a team at a R&D division of the university the Central European Institute of Technology (CEITEC). This European centre of excellence is a research institute established within the university and is one of the major research infrastructure projects financed by the EU. The Central European Institute of Technology provides unique connection of R&D teams in Engineering (embedded systems, communication and control technologies), Material Science (materials, micro- and nano-technologies, and Life Science and state-of-the-art research infrastructure available for the project solution. A research group Cybernetics and robotics will participate in the project and it focuses on research and development of control algorithms, signal processing methods, vibrodiagnostics, acoustic and vibrations sensing systems, embedded hardware design and high performance processing systems. A research team at the Laboratory of smart sensors has been specifically focusing on design and development of vibration, acoustic and fibre-optical sensors, performance and environmental testing of motion sensors and calibration of MEMS devices for more than 10 years.

Role in the project

Besides of being WP5 (Algorithms & Embedded Software) leader, BUT as an academic partner will focus on research and development of advanced signal processing methods of ultrasonic signals and their implementation on embedded low-power hardware (low-power ARM cores, SoC with integrated FPGAs, etc.). BUT will lead algorithms and software development at Listen2Future project which will provide solutions for ultrasound signal generation and acquisition utilizing modern MEMS sensors (especially reciprocal transducers) and specific electronic devices (e.g. ASICs, software defined hardware chips). BUT holds specific knowledge in design and development of signal processing solutions connecting hardware and software components within embedded systems to create a bridge between signal sources (transducers/ASICs) and final applications. BUT can design a processing flow, develop and evaluate potential algorithms on specialized laboratory platforms (e.g. PXI systems programmed in LabVIEW) and implement and test suitable methods on embedded hardware in target application.

Key contribution to the project

BUT will develop detection, localization and classification algorithms for ultrasonic events generated and transmitted in air and implement signal processing approaches on specific embedded systems taking advantage of the all benefits of novel acoustic MEMS structures. With development and implementation of suitable processing algorithms and AI based methods for ultrasound signal processing, BUT will help to utilize these novel technologies in practical applications especially in industrial domain and to show their potential in selected use-cases as product or technology demonstrators. BUT will strongly contribute to the development of a topic targeting infrastructure monitoring and maintenance optimization using acoustic technologies with specific focus on energy distribution monitoring and to practically demonstrate such technologies in this field. BUT will also contribute to establish a cluster of characterization platforms for ultrasound MEMS transducers including elements and packaged devices analysis to cover the whole portfolio of device analyses available across the consortium.


Dr. Zdeněk Havránek [website]

Dr. Stanislav Klusáček [website]

Assoc. Prof. Petr Beneš [website]

Dr. Stanislav Pikula [website]

Dr. Martin Čala [website]


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