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Pulsify Medical BV

Pulsify Medical is a spin-off from both imec as well as KU Leuven. Cardiovascular disease patients need short- & long-term cardiac monitoring, in the ICU and beyond – Pulsify’s mission is to address this significant unmet need, by bringing an accurate and non-invasive ultrasound-based patch.

Pulsify Medical based in Leuven, Belgium, is a medical device company, founded in 2019. As a spinoff from both the imec research institute as well the local Academic Hospital, Pulsify is developing a smart, wearable and flexible ultrasound patch that can be worn on the skin. The patch consists of a totally novel ultrasound sensor, combined with smart software algorithms that enable the patch to continuously monitor the performance of for example the heart. Such a patch will help patients with heart failure and other cardiovascular diseases to feel safe, in the knowledge that the 24/7 worn patch will warn both physician as well as patient, when the heart’s pump function becomes dangerously low. The same technology can also be used to measure other human organs and tissue, such a muscles.

Role in the project

Pulsify is a central player in Listen2Future, bridging the value chain gap between deep tech development and market deployment of breakthrough innovations, while also bringing the necessary multidisciplinary expertise required to develop our innovative cardiac monitoring patch device. Acting as a bridging actor on the value chain requires direct and close collaboration with both R&D (imec) and industrial players upstream to Pulsify in the value chain (e.g. PVD equipment manufacturing companies , flat panel display manufacturers), which will be leveraged by Pulsify’s unique network. Pulsify will also team up with stakeholders downstream, in particular key medical opinion leaders (KOLs) to ensure the device performance addresses the unmet medical needs and desired user specifications and gain market traction once the system is qualified and ready to sell.

Key contribution to the project

Pulsify’s key contribution to the project is the development of a wearable ultrasound monitoring patch, able to non-invasively monitor internal organ monitoring with a first focus on heart monitoring. The achievements in this project are mainly on sensor technology (bring it from rigid acoustic backing to full flex acoustic backing; power optimized & AI supported algorithms for continuous monitoring with ultrasound and development of a patch (packaging) process including proper material for ultrasound operation such as a matching and backing layer, a proof-of-concept demonstrator will also be made as part of the investigation.


Steve Stoffels [scopus]

Daniel Barbosa [scholar]

Milind Pandit [scholar]


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